From a very young age, she developed a huge passion for dancing, so she joined a school where she learned to dance ballet, flamenco, contemporary dance, jazz, afro, hip hop among many other styles that allowed her to form many skills. While these kind of activities were more of a recreational type than professional, they were the perfect cradle so that they could take the leap that would really lead her to fame.

The true passion of Edelweiss Saz was in acting, in being able to imitate the actresses while posing in the mirror and thus to transmit all her talent and imagination. Her whole childhood was marked by multiple changes, especially when she had to move constantly, for this reason, she became independent from a very young age because she had to get a job in the commercial sector to be able to survive and thereby to pay her Marketing and Trade Studies.



At 23 years old, she is offered the opportunity to go to a casting for a Reality Show in her hometown, which she goes to without hesitation. There she realized that she was closer to her dreams. She learned through this experience the difference between reality and acting, so she could acquire work as a model in magazines, advertising and video clips.

As a result of this group of experiences, she takes the decision to train as a professional and begins with her acting studies in one of the most recognized schools in Madrid, “Cristina Rota”.

She studied for 3 years combining with practices in the school theater making celebrities, flamenco and comedy characters. She worked in episodes of television series such as “Aida” by Telecinco, “Con el culo al aire” by Antena Tres, musical short films directed by “Amenábar”. Short film for the GDT (General Directorate of Traffic) Teletienda, television advertising among others.

When finalizing its studies she decides make your own way, and by her acting records in telenovelas scope, she decided to travel to the United States and settle in Miami city.

Once there, she began working as a collaborating model, actress and reporter for the Mega TV Channel in programs such as “El arañazo” or “Paparazzi En La Pelu” in which she played different roles.

Her desire to succeed led her to continue her studies so she enters one of the most recognized schools, “Adriana Barraza-acting Studio “. From there she graduated in Drama and Melodrama (acting in camera and expressiveness for soap operas). She is currently studying English with the aim of having a neutral accent to adapt to the demands that the acting in Latin America requires.

  • 2009 – 2010  Intense course: The base of the Actor.
  • 2010 – 2013  Scenic Arts: Cristina Rota Theater School. Graduated
  • 2013 – 2015  Adriana Barraza: Acting Studio Drama/Melodrama
  • 2015 – 2018  Ruben Morales Acting workshop coaching / Roberto Huicochea
  • 2018 – 2019  Miami Acting Cinema / The Actory
  1. Model for the haute couture designer “Belinda Designs”

  2. Announcer on the radio and TV show “Feed Latino”
    (Gossip with Edelweiss) – Miami, USA

  3. TV Hostess to pilot programmes for the production company “Green Valley” – Miami, USA.

  4. Reporter for Mega TV in the “Come to You” segment
    – Miami, USA.

  5. Star Actress for Mega TV in the comedy show
    “Paparazzi in the Pelu” – Miami, USA.

  6. Co-Host on Mega TV with Omar Moinelo on the Show
    “El Arañazo” – Miami, USA.

  7. Actress and Model for the short film “Las Nancy Rubias” produced and directed by the director Alejandro Amenábar – Madrid, Spain.

  8. Supporting actress for the movie “El Cuarto Be Guee” – Valencia, Spain. Directed by Director Dani Rosso

  9. Actress Guest star for the series “Aida” Antena 3. Madrid Spain

  10. Actress in the advertising campaign Mobile Telephony “Movistar”

  11. Performance in several character categories for the theater “Sala Mirador” for the show “Katarsisndel tomatazo”

  12. Interview and cover for the magazine “Interviu” Madrid Spain

  13. Production of Magnolia TV Telecinco Show “Women, Men and Viceversa” – Madrid, Spain.

  14. Model of wedding dresses for the haute couture designer “Lili Covian”.

  15. Crowned in Miss Beauty contest – Valencia, Spain.

  16. Actress for the Musical Video “La Flamenqueria Mestiza” – Valencia, Spain.

  17. Model for the magazine “Cosmetics” Valencia Spain.


Crowned in the contest Miss Valencia (Spain) in 2005.



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